We have been sponsored by WestJet and Golden Nugget, Las Vegas!   Winning ticket will be drawn on Saturday August 19th at our annual golf tournament.  (attendance not required to win draw - but how EXCITING would it be to be there and win?!!!!).   Click on the picture for more information about how to get your tickets.  PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH E-TRANSFER - email nicoleevans2@mac.com and we will send you a picture of your ticket stubs  (Charity email not accepting e-transfers for some reason).

Since 2010 $8000 has been donated back to the community through "ENVY AWARD" scholarships to students at Hagersville High School attending post secondary education & $12,500 has been donated to CANADIAN TIRE JUMPSTART Haldimand/Norfolk Chapter to support children to play sports in our communities!

© The Envy Sports & Education Scholarship Memorial Society  2016
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