Duane’s Story

Duane William Evans had three pairs of eyes watching him in the bassinet as he became the newest edition to the Evans family in November of 1984.  Corey, Jennelle and Nicole all waiting, staring at this new baby all thinking “Now what can we do to him?” but Duane was also ready to fight.  Growing up Duane would spend numerous days catching frogs in the pond, riding his bike and getting into trouble with his siblings.  Duane put effort into everything he did, and he was GOOD at everything he put his mind to.  When he finally made it to high school, a day his mother never thought would come, he remarked “I want them (ie. the teachers) to think of  me everyday forever.”  We believe he even succeeded in this.

Power skating, hockey, ultimate frisbee, football, & weightlifting, and maybe partying a bit, filled his life over the years.  In fact, if Duane wasn’t arranging a party, hosting a party, or attending a party, he was controlling a party. Working as a bouncer at the bars in Hamilton. 

He loved to travel.  To Florida, PEI, Northern Ontario, Grenada, Cuba, & Dominican he went.  He never stayed to the trail, and was always looking for the undiscovered route. Always making new friends.  He made friends easily.  Duane’s friends were always very important to him, he was always willing to help a buddy out, no questions asked.  

In 2003 he was accepted to McMaster University, his mother still has his acceptance letter framed.  In the years to follow a transformation occurred.  He became a man.  A good man, who used logic, wit and words rather than strength to conquer his battles.  We thought that all those psychology courses had made him too philosophical, imagine that. 

In fall of 2008 Duane started his own business.  He worked on renovations, painting, home and commercial designs, with dreams of becoming a contractor.

June 16, 2009 the world as we knew it changed.  Duane was tragically killed in a car accident some 500m from his family home.  Another driver failed to stop at a stop sign, he walked away with a scratch while Duane and his good buddy Nathan Park were killed.  

Duane was 24 at the time, healthy, happy and on his way to work.

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