A Message

Every day without Duane is a challenge.  We all fight to do the things that Duane would have wanted us to do.  This memorial society is a way for us to keep Duane’s memory alive.  He loved to play hockey, he loved school (ok maybe not so much the work part of school - but he did learn a lot at school), he loved starting his own business, and most of all he loved Life.  Duane’s family & friends have committed to honouring Duane William Evans.  We hope that friends, family, and community members will join with us every year at our fundraising event.  Last year we received many positiive compliments and comments about "The Envy Classic" we were so appreciative of those who took time out of their busy schedules to come out and support the charity and to remember Duane, and to those who were generous sponsors of our event.   We welcome your suggestions and ideas for upcoming years.  If you are interested in becoming a director of our charity, please contact us at envymemorialsociety@me.com 

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